Gardening to dos for January

Gardening To Do List For January Continue to plant new shade trees, fruit trees, and evergreen shrubs. Mulch root areas. Continue to transplant established trees and shrubs while they are dormant. Finish planting pre-chilled tulip and hyacinth bulbs if you did not do so in December. Plant any bare-root plants including fruit and nut trees as well as roses. Continue planting pansies, snapdragons, kale, Swiss chard and other cool season annuals. Plant onion transplants anytime soil is ready. Plant spinach and snap peas mid to late month. Sow seeds in flats or containers to get a jump on the season.…

Don’t forget to feed your plants!

If you haven’t fertilized your beds since planting your cold weather plants, here is your reminder to feed them again.  Time realesed fertilizers such as Color Star should be reapplied every four to sixweeks.