The best, most vibrant landscape color comes from ANNUAL bedding plants. Plants that perform their entire life cycle, from seed to flower to seed within a single growing season. All roots, stems and leaves of the plant die annually. In most cases they will bloom and thrive for four to six months. In North Texas they are usually in broken down for warm or cold weather, and don’t usually survive their opposite season. Pansies for instance bloom from October to early May, but the heat of the Texas summer is too intense for them and you’ll have to replant every fall. As it heats up, we plant spring annuals like Zinnias or Pentas or Begonias that will handle warmer temperatures, but die off when it gets cold. We specialize in 4” bedding plants from Ageratum to Zinnias, and all varieties in between. The plant list/color chart below includes a good selection of the annuals we grow. There are others of course, and in our nurseries we stock more varieties and colors than we list here.