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Blue Italian Cypress

Outstanding classic Mediterranean cypress with attractive blue-green foliage. An ideal conifer to dominate a landscape with its densely branched, narrow columnar form. Evergreen.

Mature Height: 20 – 30 feet

Mature Width: 22 – 30 inches

Growth rate: Moderate to fast ( 8″-16″ avg per yr )

Sun Exposure: Full to partial sun – growth rate will slow just slightly if planted in semi shaded location

Soil Preference: Average to slightly sandy – well drained. Mulching is strongly recommended.

Foliage Color & Texture: Evergreen – awl shaped foliage is a nice dark green ( has a slight sage green tint ) year round, and has a heavy texture & feel to it. Foliage is very aromatic when rubbed or crushed.

Flower, Cone, Or Berry Facts: Cones – round, globular shaped cones are normally seen on older, more mature specimens. Cones are approx 5/8″ – 1″ in diameter, depending upon the age & size of tree. Cones start out as a pale greenish silver color, and ripen towards fall into a coppery brown color.


Recommended Spacing: 2 ft apart recommended for a solid screen, wall, or border planting. Widen spacing to 4 ft or so if you want a clean break, or slight gap from one tree to the next.

Diseases / Insects: Aside from an occasional bagworm here or there....the only main threats to Italian Cypress would cankers caused by either Seridium cardinale or Diplodea pinea. And either of the problems are extremely rare - but have been observed in areas with very high year round humidity.

Fertilization / Feeding: For maximum health & hardiness, we highly recommend POOPeas for use with all of evergreen species. However, either water soluble ( Miracle Gro, or equivalent ), or granular fertilizers ( Holly Tone is excellent ) are also good options. Most any granular fertilizers with a 6-12-12, or 10-10-10 ratio are also acceptable. Best to fertilize in early spring, and again in mid fall - avoid feeding standard chemical fertilizers during hot summer months, and directly after transplanting. POOPeas may be used at anytime.