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Angelonia is also called summer snapdragon, and once you get a good look at it, you’ll know why. It has salvia-like flower spires that reach a foot or 2 high, but they’re studded with fascinating snapdragon-like flowers with beautiful colorations in purple, white, or pink. It’s the perfect plant for adding bright color to hot, sunny spaces. This tough plant blooms all summer long with spirelike spikes of blooms. While all varieties are beautiful, keep an eye out for the sweetly scented selections.

Plant Height:1-2 feet tall
Plant Width:1-2 feet wide
Flower Color:Blooms in shades of white, pink, or purple, depending on type
Landscape Uses:Containers,Beds & Borders
Special Features:Flowers,Fragrant,Attracts Butterflies,Drought Tolerant,Easy to Grow