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This flowering plant is most often identified by its sweet fragrance and dense clusters of tiny snow-white flowers that bloom continuously throughout the growing season.  Alyssum is a great flower for Texas. It comes in a variety of colors and is supposed to be an annual. However, once it is established, it will reseed and come back year after year. Alyssum smells great too. Water it when it wilts; this is not a particularly drought tolerant plant. Plant it in full sun or let it have a little afternoon shade. Alyssum can take some cooler weather also. Replant it in the fall and you may have it all winter. It is at its best in the Springtime.

Lifecycle: Annual

Uses: Use it around borders, distributed ares, rock gardens, hanging baskets and in mixes.

Sun: Full Sun/ partial Shade

Height: 3-4 inches

Spread: 8-12 inches

Bloom Duration: spring and fall for about 12 weeks



Easter Basket mix




Snow Crystals


If there's one plant that should be on everyone's list, it's Snow Princess, a unique breakthrough in the genus for heat tolerance and extended season performance. It is extremely vigorous, and because it puts no energy into setting seed it has an incredibly long bloom time. Creates a great hanging basket or window box and is a perfect filler in combinations.

Drought-tolerant plant and heat resistant, Alyssum is an ideal flowering plant for Texas. It does well in full sun or afternoon shade and is tolerant to cooler weather, as well. It is treated as an annual, but once it is established, it will reseed and come back year after year in almost any soil.

Sow in early spring, after the threat of heavy frost. It will bloom year-round in frost-free climates.