web japanese boxwood foliage


An evergreen shrub ideal for sculpting, boxwood can take the shape of a neat mound or grow into small green clouds of foliage if left unmanicured. It’s one of the most popular choices for garden topiaries. This fragrant shrub is frequently used as an outliner and definer around garden beds and path; it forms graceful short hedges. Garden neat freaks will want to wield the pruning shears frequently to keep boxwood in bounds. Provide a well-drained soil for boxwood to prevent problems with root rot.

Light:Part Sun, Sun
Height:8 to 20 feet
Width:To 15 feet wide
Flower Color:White
Foliage Color:Blue/Green
Seasonal Features:Spring Bloom, Winter Interest
Problem Solvers:Deer Resistant, Good For Privacy, Groundcover, Slope/Erosion Control
Special Features:Fragrance, Good for Containers